CoreGlide™: Effortless Abdominal Muscle Trainer Roller

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Core workouts can become tedious and monotonous, limiting the potential for a well-rounded and effective fitness routine. Traditional ab exercises often fail to deliver the desired variety and innovation, resulting in a stagnant and unfulfilling workout experience. The lack of progress leads to disheartenment and a loss of motivation in the pursuit of a stronger, more defined core.

Introducing CoreGlide™, the Effortless Abdominal Muscle Trainer that revolutionizes core workouts. Featuring innovative automatic rebound technology and a double wheel design, CoreGlide™ offers a stable, safe, and user-friendly solution for building a strong and well-defined core. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a more enjoyable, effective workout experience that leaves a sense of accomplishment and confidence as abdominal muscles transform.


✅ ADVANCED TWO-WHEEL DESIGN: CoreGlide™ features a two-wheel design with built-in springs, providing optimal resistance and assistance during workouts. This innovative design ensures a stable and effective core training experience compared to standard single-wheel models.

 IMPROVED CORE STRENGTH: Experience a boost in core strength and stability by using CoreGlide™, which targets all core muscles. A stronger, more stable core enhances overall workout performance and provides an edge in sports, as it improves balance, posture, and reduces the risk of injuries.

GUIDED ROLLING MOTION: With a super-wide rolling belt and clearly marked directional indicators, CoreGlide™ allows for smooth, precise movements. Master the correct rolling technique and build well-defined abs with confidence.

✅ PREMIUM QUALITY AND DURABILITY: Made of high-quality materials, CoreGlide™ is designed to last a lifetime. The solid wheel is gentle on floors, and the ergonomic handles ensure a comfortable grip for enjoyable workouts.

✅ EASY ASSEMBLY AND PORTABILITY: Assembling CoreGlide™ is a breeze – simply insert the shaft into the wheels and start core training. The effortless disassembly feature also allows for greater portability, to work out anytime, anywhere.

We understand the struggle of maintaining a consistent workout routine, especially when targeting core muscles, which are essential for overall body strength and balance. It's disheartening to invest time and effort into exercises that don't provide the desired results or cause discomfort due to unstable equipment.  In fact, a survey found that 65% of individuals abandon fitness goals due to frustration with ineffective core workouts.

CoreGlide™ is the perfect solution for seeking a reliable and efficient way to improve core strength and overall fitness. With its innovative design and multiple benefits, CoreGlide™ offers a versatile and effective exercise experience that supports various muscle groups. Say goodbye to frustrating workouts and hello to a more confident, toned, and healthy body that exudes confidence with every movement.

Automatic rebound technology

The Automatic Rebound Abdominal Wheel offers an efficient and controlled movement with its smooth-running automatic rebound technology. This feature ensures a more intense training experience and at the same time helps you to avoid injuries.

Safe and stable execution

The two-wheel design as well as the sturdy two wheels and widened tires ensure stability and safety during use. This provides stable support for beginners and a higher difficulty level and a higher challenge for advanced users.

Anti-slip and anti-wear properties

The product is non-slip and wear-resistant to ensure the safety of users during exercise. The widened tire base provides a larger contact area and reduces the possibility of rocking back and forth, making it suitable for users of all exercise levels.


Can hold a mobile phone

Stay connected and entertained while exercising with the Automatic Rebound Abdominal Wheel - Fitness meets fun, keep an eye on your phone!

Which muscles do you train?

Easy-slip Automatic Rebound Technology: Experience efficient and controlled movements with the Automatic Rebound Abdominal Wheel. Its innovative easy-slip automatic rebound technology ensures smooth and seamless movements and increases the intensity of training without compromising safety.

Convenient to Carry: Unlike bulky fitness equipment such as dumbbells and gym equipment, this rolling bike is small and easy to carry. The handle is removable and therefore convenient to store and transport. Its compact size and light weight make it an ideal training companion, whether at home or on the go.

Train your whole body:this makes it suitable for training various muscle groups, including the abdominal muscles, back, arm, chest and shoulder muscles. The strong double spring rebound design improves the strength and clarity of these muscles and helps you complete a full body workout.


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