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Product Name: Paint Edger Roller

Material: metal
Brush material: artificial nylon
Extension rod material: metal
Shape: round
Function: paint
Extension length: 1500mm
Contraction length: 320mm
Main roller brush: 280 x 200 x 53mm
Red tray: 350 x 235 x 65mm

Package including:
1x Main Brush Holder
2x Roller Brush (Install One)
2x Small Brush (Install One)
1x Paint Tray
4x Roller Brush Extension Rod
1x Instructions



Type: Paint Edger Roller
Size: 26x12.5cm
Material: Plastic
Package included: 
1pcs shelf
2pcs rollers
2pcs brushes

Roller technology eliminates the tedious hours of work required to apply tape and cut by hand.


 This trimmer allows you to paint around the edges of a wall and around moldings without using masking tape and without climbing a ladder.


  • Significantly reduces the time required to apply masking tape.
  •  Paints 10 to 20 times faster than masking tape.
  •  No messing with dripping pads and wheels.
  •  Create clean edges with no GAPS and no paint creeping around the shield.
  •  Reduces the number of painters needed for a job by 50% or more.
  •  Earns its money in labor savings on the first day of work


Enables even painters with little or no experience to paint consistently smooth edges without paint on the trim.Only this roller can do it quickly and cleanly 

Invented by a professional painter to help his crew finish paint edges faster and more evenly, R-Peint has become a time saver for professional painters and homeowners. It is the only paint edging roller that uses the patented combination of roller, shield and brush.

  • The roller holds a lot of paint, so you can paint 6 to 8 meters per load.
  •  The spotless shield keeps paint off trim and adjacent walls.

 The brush adjustment allows you to adjust the line to your liking.

1.Paints 10-20 times faster than a sash brush.
2.Greatly reduces the time spent applying masking tape.
3.This technology will eliminate hours of tedious work required to tape and/or cut in by hand.
4.Can be used to cut in paint around: Doors, Window, Ceilings, Accent Walls, Baseboards, Chair Rail.
5.Ensures that even painters with little or no experience can paint consistent, straight edges with no paint on the trim.



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