Smoothie Mate Mini Blender

Color: Blue

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Portable Blender 600ml Electric Juicer Fruit Mixers

*Elevate Your Health with the Ultimate Portable Smoothie Blender!

Experience a revolutionary shift in your daily nutrition with our Portable Smoothie Blender. This compact powerhouse effortlessly transforms fruits, vegetables, and supplements into delicious and nutritious blends. Whether you're a health enthusiast on the go or a busy professional seeking a quick meal, this blender is designed to cater to your modern lifestyle.

*small portable capacity electric blender

It is used to mix juices, smoothies and natural drinks.

Which makes it ideal for personal use on the go.

It features ultra sharp blades for fast and smooth results

To prepare healthy drinks such as juices and smoothies easily and anywhere for those interested in a healthy diet

*Features about this product:

  • Portable and Compact: This blender comes with a portable design that makes it easy to carry and use while traveling. Its small size makes it suitable for personal use and can be carried in a backpack or handbag with ease.
  •  Sharp and Strong Blades: The blender has sharp blades made of high-quality materials that enable you to mix ingredients easily and get smooth and perfect results in a short time.
  •  Easy to charge via USB: The blender comes with a powerful 4000mAh battery that can be charged via a USB port. This feature makes it easy to recharge on the go with your laptop or portable charger.
  •  Easy to clean: The design of the blender makes cleaning easy and convenient. The removable parts can be easily disassembled for cleaning with soap and water.
  •  Perfect for a healthy lifestyle: This blender helps you prepare healthy drinks easily and can be used to blend fruits, vegetables and proteins for a healthy and balanced diet.

*In short

this product combines ease, portability, and power in preparing healthy drinks, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals who want to enjoy the nutritional benefits of juices and smoothies in a convenient and practical way


*Regular Mode

1. Add all of your ingredients such as pre-cut veggies and fruits.
2. Add your preferred liquid (water, milk).
3. Press the blend Button to start Regular Mode and blend for a
full cycle. It will turn off automatically after 30 seconds.

*Pulse Mode

1. It comes with 50% more power. Blend in seconds, or make sure your blender never gets jammed. To the rescue comes Pulse Mode.

2. Double-clicking the blend button activates the Pulse Mode (Yellow Light). Releasing the button will retain the blender in Pulse Mode, but it will go into standby mode.

3. Simply press and blend for as long as you want once Pulse Mode is activated. If you do not use your blender within 5 seconds of switching to pulse mode, it will revert to normal mode.

  • Nutrient-Packed Breakfasts: Start your day with a burst of energy by creating nutritious smoothies or shakes.
  • On-The-Go Nutrition: Designed for modern lifestyles, this blender is your perfect travel companion, fitting seamlessly into your office, car, gym, or meals.
  • Effortless Clean Eating: Create your favorite recipes without the mess, and enjoy easy cleaning under the tap or in the dishwasher.

*Waterproof & Easy Cleaning

The one-piece base is IP67 waterproof, making it easily rinsed under the tap. The BPA-free bottle is dishwasher safe (excluding the blender part), providing a hassle-free cleanup experience.

*Safety Redefined

A built-in safety magnet and vibrant lighting design offer a seamless combination of aesthetics and protection, ensuring worry-free usage.

*Blending Simplified

Two modes, endless possibilities. Switch between Blending Mode for soft foods and Pulse Mode for ice and nuts with a single or double click, respectively.

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